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Wayne, a geologist, and Judy, an artist, are long-time Wyoming residents who have experienced first-hand much of the geography and geology of their state. Yellowstone Farewell is a fictional outgrowth of their experiences. Their interests in hiking, ham radio, horses, cave exploration, cross-country skiing, and photography provide perspectives and situational sensitivities that bring reality to their tale.

Both Wayne (NQ7Q) and Judy (K7JMS) are ham radio operators and members of the University Amateur Radio Club in Laramie, Wyoming. They participate in a variety of amateur radio activities, including Amateur Radio Emergency Service and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, and have helped supply communications for horse, bicycle, and foot race events. Ham radio is used and depicted throughout Yellowstone Farewell.

Wayne and Judy have also been cave explorers since the 1970's. Together they did much of the mapping of Wyoming's Horsethief Cave. Their participation in cave management led to their being awarded the U. S. Bureau of Land Management's "Volunteers for the Public Lands" national award for outstanding 1986 volunteer assistance with the Worland District BLM's cave management program. While not specifically a caving story, cavers' activities in one specific cave provide clues that help solve the geologic conundrum in Yellowstone Farewell.

As a geologist, Wayne has worked more than 40 years as a geologist for private companies and government agencies in Wyoming, Montana and Utah. His training and experiences include: gold and other metals, diamonds, colored gemstones, coal, oil and gas, industrial minerals, mining claim evaluation, and federal mineral regulations. Wayne has worked as a Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) employee since June, 2005 as the Gemstones, Metals, & Economic Geology Specialist (for details, visit Wayne's work with the WSGS has included co-authoring articles and reports on kimberlites, metals, industrial minerals, and gemstones. He has compiled nine 30' x 60' geologic maps and has mapped in detail five 7.5' geologic quadrangles. Wayne has given numerous talks on a variety of geologic topics to groups ranging from rock collectors and prospectors to university graduate seminars. In mid-2013 he completed an investigation into Rare Earth Elements in Wyoming accompanied by a summary report.

Wayne and Judy live near Laramie in a self-built passive solar home of their own design. Wayne also enjoys wood burning custom-made walking staffs.

Educational Opportunities

Many of our readers comments express appreciation for the opportunity to learn about geology, and particularly the geology of Wyoming while enjoying the story of Yellowstone Farewell. We believe that the educational opportunities for Yellowstone Farewell are only beginning to be realized.

Yellowstone Farewell inspired students in four Virginia high schools during the 2003 Fall semester through its clear geologic descriptions combined with an exciting adventure. The Commonwealth Governor's School and Spotsylvania High School in Spotsylvania, VA, and Colonial Forge High School and Stafford High School in Stafford, VA used Yellowstone Farewell as part of an integrated Earth Science/English study unit. Their studies included geology, volcanoes, literature, creative writing, social studies, and math.

The Virginia classes finished their semester in a video conference with author, Wayne Sutherland, set up by the schools through the University of Wyoming. The format allowed students to talk directly with Wayne to gain insights into geology, writing, and publishing. The students agreed that the book was a "perfect blend of fact and fiction." The schools have repeated their experience with Yellowstone Farewell through February 2009. A fifth highschool was also added to the mix during 2005. The website for the Commonwealth Governor's School is:

During the Spring 2004 semester, Laramie High School in Laramie, WY, acquired several copies of Yellowstone Farewell, both for their school library and for a beginning geology class. The geology instructor had read the book and invited Wayne Sutherland to speak to his class at the end of the fall semester. The overall enthusiasm of the class after an hour and a half of questions, answers, and presentation convinced the instructor of the classroom value of Yellowstone Farewell. Yellowstone Farewell was used there as supplementary reading through 2007.

Educators may extract brief passages from Yellowstone Farewell for use in their classrooms without written permission, provided that proper reference is given, citing "Yellowstone Farewell, by Wayne M. and Judy M. Sutherland. For further information, email book(-AT-)yellowstonefarewell(-DOT-)com.

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