Yellowstone Farewell

by Wayne M. Sutherland and Judy M. Sutherland

Yellowstone Farewell Cover

334 pages, perfect bound, 6" x 9" x7/8" soft cover, wt = 19.4 oz (550 grams)
ISBN 0-9723999.
First Printing, Copyright © 2003.
Published by Spur Ridge Enterprises.

Yellowstone Farewell is a fictional account of a Wyoming geologist who investigates unusual geologic activity in Wyoming. During the course of his investigation, he finds romance and adventure. The story weaves geological concepts with prospecting, outdoor activities, cave mapping, and amateur radio.

When the earth begins to move near Point of Rocks, geologist Sam Westone is called on to try to find an explanation. In his pursuit of geological answers, Sam finds love and discovers danger hidden within the earth that could change the world. But, this is only the beginning of his harrowing adventure!

The factual geology underlying the Yellowstone Farewell tale gives pause for reflection. We live in a geologically active world, which has the potential for events greater than any known in recorded history.

* Content is appropriate for readers of all ages.
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